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When it comes to network solutions, flexible is better. Because of Cybernetics' desire to be the solution to your Storage Area Network needs we have developed a technology called Dynamic Expansion. Dynamic Expansion embodies flexibility in every sense of the word. Flexibility to change, flexibility to expand, and flexibility to work while you work. Dynamic Expansion does not require downtime, it does not even require a reboot. It just does what you need when you need it.

Finding that you are running low on disk space to store snapshots or other information? Add some capacity to your RAID by drawing off of an existing drive or adding another, right there from your server, easier than sending an email. Do you want to change to another RAID configuration without ANY downtime and without ANY data loss? Its not only possible to do, its easy! Just go into the user interface and change RAID configurations and you are done. The Cybernetics Dynamic Expansion makes the controller work on your schedule not the other way around.

A real time virtual image of your unit is on the screen and all your drives are color coded to their current RAID configurations intuitively allowing you complete control of your system. This is RAID array management made easy through smart interface design allowing you to meet and exceed expectations without clunky controls or frustration. Even adding a whole new array to your controller is easy. Just add the disks and designate the configuration, the Cybernetics Dynamic Expansion puts you as the master of your storage space.

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