Immutable Data Backups
Preserve and protect your company's backups with Cybernetics new vLock immutable retention feature.
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Immutable Data Backups
Data is your company's most valuable asset. In today's world of ransomware and hacking, properly safeguarding your data with backups is more important than ever before. Tape drives can still play an important part but have their inherent limitations and drawbacks. A properly engineered disk based virtual tape solution can compliment or replace tape responsibly with more performance, ease-of-use, and automation -- without introducing the drawbacks of disk like viruses, crypto-lockers, ransomware, nefarious employees, or remote intrusion.
In this e-Book, you will learn:
- Modern strategies to protect your data
- How easy it is to use virtual tape
- Virtual tape performance benefits
- How to make your disk backups immutable
- How to reduce backup costs
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