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Tape Backup Drives

Tape Backup Drive

Tape Backup Drives

The latest generation of LTO technology is Cybernetics' CY-LT25 Ultrium LTO-6 half-height SAS tape drive. With 2.5 TB - 6.25 TB capacity on a single cartridge and up to 400 MB/s sustained throughput, you can backup over 1.4 TB per hour. Whether you choose a single or dual drive desktop unit, tape library, or integrate the drive into one of our Virtual Tape Libraries, LTO-6 will deliver the breakthrough backup performance you need now, while providing an upgrade path to 32 TB capacity and 1.2 GB/s speed. It's also read/write compatible with LTO-5 and read compatible with LTO-4.

Failover Ready Appliance

LTO-6 CY-LT25 LTO-5 CY-LT15 LTO-4 CY-L880
Capacity 2.5 TB native, up to 6.25 TB with compression 1.5 TB native, up to 3 TB with compression 800 GB native, up to 1600 GB with compression
Transfer Rate Sustained 160 MB/s native, up to 400 MB/s with compression 140 MB/s native, up to 280 MB/s with compression 80 MB/s native, up to 160 MB/s with compression
Transfer Rate Burst Up to 600 MB/s Up to 600 MB/s Up to 320 MB/s
Data Buffer 512 MB 256 MB 256 MB
Access Time 50 seconds 56 seconds 53 seconds
MTBF 100% Duty Cycle 250,000 Hours
Head Life 60,000 Tape Contact Hours
Multi-Platform Support IBM System i,p, Legacy AS/400, Windows, Linux, Unix, HP-UX, Netware, MAC OS X

Easy To Use

Cybernetics Tape Backup solutions are easy to install, connect, operate and manage.

Data Encryption

Data Encryptions keeps your data safe and protected.


Tape backups are extremely reliable compared to hard drives (which always spin, even when they're not in use).

Power Savings

Tape drives use less power than disk based backups with spinning disks.

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