Virtual Tape Library Image
Speed Up Your Backups and Restores
Virtual Tape Libraries
Powerful Disk Backup Solutions For ALL businesses.

Cybernetics' Virtual Tape Libraries are designed to eliminate the challenges you face in archiving and protecting your valuable data.
Lightning Fast Backup And Restore
Powerful - Execute Backups As Fast As Your Systems Can Go
Capable - Back Up Multiple LPARs and Systems Simultaneously
Faster Restores - Restore Backups From Your VTL At Top Speed
Consistent - Backups Or Restores Don't Slow Down With More Data
Off-Site Replication
Fast - Even With Limited Bandwidth
Practical - Fully Restorable Backups At Each Site
Efficient - Minimize Cost and Volume Of Communications
Dependable - Meet Recovery Time Objectives
Powerful Deduplication
High performance - Fastest Backups With Separate Deduplication Processes
Accessible - Several Weeks Of Backups - At Your Fingertips
Effortless - Automatic Backups, No Manual Operation Required
Encrypt Sensitive Data
Encrypted - Data On Your VTL Is 256-bit AES Encrypted To Protect Against Misuse Or Theft
Fail-Proof - Data Stored On Tapes, Even If Encryption Fails
True Security - Encryption And Decryption Both Require A Physical Token and Password
Scale Up + Scale Out
Modular - In-Place Upgrades To Higher Performing Models
Expandable - Add SSD, SAS, Or SATA drives As Needed
Scalable - Add Expansion Cabinets As Needed
Flexible Connectivity Options
Standards - iSCSI - SCSI
Storage - SATA - SAS - SSD
Network - Ethernet - Fiber Channel
+ Many More