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Network Attached Tape Storage - Without the High Cost of Fibre

Cybernetics' iSAN® Solutions Puts Storage Right on the Ethernet

Nov 1, 2002, Yorktown, Virginia – Cybernetics recently announced iSAN® a fully iSCSI-compatible family of high performance network-attached tape storage subsystems. In the past, SAN implementations required an upgrade to costly Fibre, but iSAN® solutions utilize standard Ethernet switches, routers, and cables to maximize each customer's present investment in hardware and software. Cybernetics' iSAN® represents a breakthrough in price-performance. Customers will get all the benefits of SAN architecture - for the cost of standard LAN components. Utilization of iSCSI ensures widespread support of different tape formats as well as the freedom to utilize the most popular off-the-shelf software packages - another advantage over Fibre implementations.

The iSCSI interface was designed using two ubiquitous and time-proven protocols: SCSI and TCP/IP. The new iSCSI protocol translates standard SCSI commands into TCP/IP and sends them over standard Ethernet. Operating systems and backup software packages will see the iSAN® drives as standard SCSI devices, regardless of where they are on the network. iSAN® tape drives are widely compatible and support OS/400, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, Mac OS, Netware, Solaris, Windows NT/2000 and others.

iSAN® solutions feature high capacity AIT, SDLT, and LTO tapes drives in single, dual-drive, and library configurations. Tape capacity ranges from 35 GB to 320 GB, and throughput can reach 64 MB/s, depending on the technology. Library capacity extends well into the terabytes, and support of partitioning gives IT Managers the ability to create multiple virtual tape libraries within a single unit.

Each iSAN® product features a 10/100/1000BaseT interface for direct connection to the Ethernet. Administrators need only assign an IP address, and the iSAN® drive is accessible by all iSCSI-enabled clients on the network. iSAN® drives also feature Cybernetics' signature display, iVIEW™, which enables system administrators to monitor tape drive operations from anywhere on the network or via the internet using a standard web browser.

iSAN® units with two or more tape drives can take advantage of the Advanced SCSI Processor option, which provides the increased functionality of striping, mirroring, cascade, independent and off-line copy/verify modes. The Advanced SCSI Processor is particularly beneficial to IT Managers who need to maximize backup performance or who want a convenient, cost-efficient way to make duplicate tapes. Drives and libraries with optional Multi-Host support feature both iSCSI and LVD SCSI connections, so both local and network servers can access the same tape subsystem.

Based in Yorktown, Virginia, Cybernetics manufactures, sells, supports and services a complete line of backup and storage solutions. Established in 1978, Cybernetics is recognized in the US and across the world as a pioneer in data storage technology and is well renowned for highly innovative storage features while ensuring top reliability and interoperability of systems.

For more information, please call (757) 833-9000 or visit www.cybernetics.com.

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