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Cybernetics Demonstrates Full Motion Video Over Ethernet

Cybernetics iSCSI Tape Drive Streams Full Motion Video Over IP SAN

Aug 12, 2004, Yorktown, Virginia – Cybernetics and Sony have partnered to demonstrate the hottest new storage technologies and the latest in storage networking. On August 25, 2004, at the ITS Gov technology show in the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC, Cybernetics will display a complete iSAN® in operation.

The demonstration will include a variety of Cybernetics' iSCSI tape and iSCSI disk solutions configured into an IP SAN attached to a standard Ethernet network: the HSTC™ virtual tape D2D2T appliance, the iSAN® Vault iSCSI disk storage array, and the iTape™ Ethernet attached tape backup drive. The highlight of the show is the iSCSI Super AIT tape drive playing full motion video over an Ethernet network. According to a spokesman for Cybernetics, "This video presentation clearly demonstrates the power and speed of Ethernet storage networking. Our customers can now transfer data to remote locations at speeds of over 250 GB per hour."

Historically, Ethernet attached NAS devices, although very easy to deploy, have been encumbered by file system overhead for very mediocre transfer rate results. By contrast, Fibre Channel SAN devices employ block level transfers to deliver great transfer rates, but with significant cost and complexity barriers for the S MB. Cybernetics iSAN® iSCSI tape and iSCSI disk products bridge the NAS/SAN gap. All iSAN® iSCSI devices connect to the existing Cat 5 Ethernet network, and work with existing software products designed to support direct attached storage. With iSAN®, the S MB can leverage existing network infrastructures, software and expertise to implement the benefits of true, block level storage networking.

Based in Yorktown, Virginia, Cybernetics manufactures, sells, supports and services a complete line of backup and storage solutions. Established in 1978, Cybernetics is recognized in the US and across the world as a pioneer in data storage technology and is well renowned for highly innovative storage features while ensuring top reliability and interoperability of systems.

For more information, please call (757) 833-9000 or visit www.cybernetics.com.

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