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Cybernetics Announces Increased SAN Storage Capacity

Cybernetics' Powerful Virtual Disk SAN Solutions Now Available With 4 TB Disk Drives

July 24, 2012, Yorktown, Virginia – Cybernetics has announced the immediate availability of 4 TB disk drives in all SAN Storage Virtual Disk solutions.

Cybernetics' SAN storage solutions are now available with 4 TB Hard disk drives, providing a greater range of capacity, options and flexibility. Whether the popular miSAN®® D Series or our powerhouse iSAN® D Series, harness the incredible speed and capacity of the new 4 TB disk drives and maximize your performance at a minimal price.

The miSAN®® D Series and iSAN® D Series are scalable SAN storage solutions with up to 96 TB of raw capacity, per unit, expandable up to 768 TB. Writing in multiple concurrent, parallel data streams - with up to 1.2 GB/s speeds - the iSAN® D Series is the ideal choice for the most demanding enterprise storage requirements, while the miSAN®® D Series remains the storage solution of choice for small and medium-sized businesses. No matter the size of your business' SAN storage needs, the new 4 TB disk drives will make expansion of your data storage pool cheaper and easier.

"All the processing power in the world cannot overcome network connectivity limitations on a SAN," says Cybernetics' Vice President of Research and Development, Martin Aherron. "For this reason, Cybernetics incorporates eight GbE ports on the iSAN® D Series, and offers upgrades to 10 GbE. Even the smallest entry-level miSAN®® D Series models include five GbE ports. Each 125 MB/s port has an independent IP address, and is compatible with MPIO/load balancing to sustain blazing transfer rates between the SAN and network servers. Because the Cybernetics hardware models have the physical connections to transfer the exceptional performance within the SAN, the iSAN® supports up to 1.2 GB/s and the miSAN®® supports up to 500 MB/s."

SAN storage virtualization enables powerful benefits for maximizing utilization through storage resource consolidation, emphasizing the importance of instantaneous and automatic data protection. Cybernetics' miSAN®® D Series and iSAN® D Series incorporate layers of protection against all types of threats to data, including snapshot backup, portable disk backup, tape backup, and encrypted, deduplicated WAN replication - all without a dedicated backup server or third-party software.

Based in Yorktown, Virginia, Cybernetics manufactures, sells, supports and services a complete line of backup and storage solutions. Established in 1978, Cybernetics is recognized in the US and across the world as a pioneer in data storage technology and is well renowned for highly innovative storage features while ensuring top reliability and interoperability of systems.

For more information, please call (757) 833-9000 or visit www.cybernetics.com.

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