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miSAN®® D Series iSCSI SAN with Innovative, Exclusive SANDR Technology Redefines Storage

Complete Data Protection Delivered at the Disk Storage Level

May 12, 2008, Yorktown, Virginia – The miSAN®® D Series is a powerful iSCSI SAN RAID designed to deliver terabytes of block level storage to heterogeneous hosts across Ethernet networks, using the standard IP network protocol. Operating system independent, with full support for Exchange, SQL, and other popular applications, miSAN®® D Series has delivered the benefits of high performance virtual storage to enterprises, large and small, since it was first introduced in 2004. Now, by incorporating Cybernetics' exclusive SANDR Technology in all miSAN®® D Series models, Cybernetics customers can take advantage of vastly greater performance and functionality than has ever been available in a single storage solution.

Specifically, the miSAN®® D is a comprehensive storage solution with three levels of backup protection to insure against data loss of every kind. Marty Campbell, Director of Sales, says, "Today, storage is absolutely business-critical, but the range of solutions available makes it difficult and time consuming for IT Managers to settle on a single data protection strategy. The great thing about the new D Series is that it incorporates all of the storage and backup technologies that make sense, eliminating the need to choose one over another."

The miSAN®® D's live storage provides for the highest reliability and availability using RAID 5+ Hot Spare and hardware level mirroring with automatic failover. Continuous data protection is delivered with miSAN®® D's ability to take instantaneous point-in-time Snapshots, on demand or at scheduled intervals - with SANDR's Active Deduplication Backups (ADB) providing the continual transport of only changed blocks to secondary storage via WAN. Finally, the miSAN®® D's automated archival writes everything to a virtual tape library or to physical tape for long term storage and disaster recovery - without third-party backup software or the need for a dedicated backup server. The result is a storage solution that protects data against every conceivable threat over its lifetime, using the most strategic or cost-efficient method possible - every step of the way. Campbell continues, "And the fact that miSAN®® D Series with SANDR automates it all, without the need for backup software or a dedicated backup server, takes most of the pain and a lot of the expense out of data protection."

Another compelling feature of the miSAN®® D Series is its low total cost of ownership and the fast-tracked ROI. With a starting price that is well within the reach of most S MBs, miSAN®® D is particularly affordable when you consider that its implementation produces immediate savings far greater than those you would expect from virtualization alone. The elimination of software, the reduced dependence on and time associated with tape handling and tape restore, as well as the miSAN®® D's ability to provide backup and restore services to main and branch locations from the central console or via web browser, not only saves money and resources but also reduces IT requirements and boosts productivity overall. The value of such highly available storage, and the ability to recover instantly from data loss due to common events like operator error, software error, or virus attack can be immeasurable.

The miSAN®® D Series with SANDR Technology is available in six configurations with between 1 and 12TB raw disk capacity, with expansion modules available for growth. Throughput of over 300 MB/s ensures the highest performance. The miSAN®® D Series supports RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 5, 50 + Hot Spare; capacity and performance will vary depending on the configuration.

Based in Yorktown, Virginia, Cybernetics manufactures, sells, supports and services a complete line of backup and storage solutions. Established in 1978, Cybernetics is recognized in the US and across the world as a pioneer in data storage technology and is well renowned for highly innovative storage features while ensuring top reliability and interoperability of systems.

For more information, please call (757) 833-9000 or visit www.cybernetics.com.

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