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High Availability

Our high availability solution has complete and total hardware redundancy for absolutely no single point of failure.

In a competitive, 24x7 marketplace, up time can make or break an organization. High availability combines the techniques of mirroring and fail-over to approach 100% up time for daily operations. A pair of miSAN® units can be configured in high availability mode for hardware level mirroring across a high speed LAN. In the event of a hardware failure, the pair will initiate automatic fail-over to the live replica. Users will never notice an interruption of services. If you're relying on one unit with dual controllers for high availability, there's a single point of failure in the backplane. Cybernetics' high availability pair with heartbeat monitoring and automatic failover is the solution you can trust.

  • Every write is mirrored at the hardware level
  • A heartbeat monitor detects any failure
  • Failover is automatic and instant
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