High Performance Data Storage And Backup Solutions

The High Performance, Scalability, And Reliability You Need, Without The High Price.

Outperforms Competing Solutions

We have put our iSAN® Series to the test, head-to-head against competing solutions like Nimble Storage, EMC, Data Domain, Tegile, and more.

Flexible Architecture

Upgrade your controller(s) to faster models - when and if you need the extra power in the future, with zero downtime.

iSAN 3000, Dual Controller, scalable up to 480 TB

Easy To Use Dashboard

Easily monitor and manage resources, physical disks, RAID®sets, virtual disks, users, and more.

Graphic User Interface, Snapshot Backup, Portable Disk Backup, Tape Backup, Encrypted and Deduplicated WAN Replication

Engineered For Growth

Start with a capacity that best fits your needs now, add capacity as your data demands grow.

Scalable, supports multiple units in a single SAN for expanding capacity

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